Nearly ALL health problems can be treated or managed with Herbal Medicine.

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Female health


Gut health

Stress management

First appointment

  During the first appointment:

  I will take a thorough case history of your current complaint and will also ask questions about all other body systems to get a holistic       overview of your health.

Answer any questions you may have.

If we meet face-to-face, I will take your pulse and blood pressure and do other clinical examinations, if relevant, e.g. palpate your stomach if you have digestive issues.

After the first appointment:

I will prepare a treatment plan, ensuring that your herbal remedies do not interact with any other medicine you may be taking.

You will receive an email with your treatment plan, and a list of herbs in your prescription.

I will also send you a food, mood & sleep diary for you to fill in.

Follow-up appointments

The first follow-up appointment (2-4 weeks after the initial consultation):

We will discuss how you have been progressing with the medicine and adjust if necessary.

You will now have completed 2 weeks of your food, mood & sleep journal, which I will analyse prior to the appointment. We will discuss this at the appointment and see what, if anything, could be added to address your nutritional & herbal needs.

Subsequent follow-up appointments:

We will chat about how you are getting on with the medicine and nutritional changes and track your progress.

We will discuss any further treatment needs and your consultation requirements.

It is important to note that the appointments will not go on forever, so after a few months, you may wish to continue with just prescribed herbs if still necessary. But a bi-yearly check-up consultation is required to track your progress and see whether any changes are needed.

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